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Innovation is fast becoming the primary agent of change in economies throughout the world. Technology and information in their many forms are becoming the currency of choice as corporations and governments seek to promote the development of commerce and industrial value while simultaneously increasing productivity and preparing for competition on a global scale.

Today's climate for investing is more promising than at any other time in recent history. Exciting and valuable technology and marketing innovations will continue to emerge well into the future. Superior returns will continue to accrue to experienced investors who get involved with successful companies at the early stages and assist in their development. Successful investing will continue to depend on experienced operational investment managers like those of the Origin Partners team.

Origin believes these trends will continue well into the next century based on the following fundamental long-term technology trends currently underway:

  • Continued proliferation and price reduction of computing devices
  • Continued expansion of the Internet as a ubiquitous standards-based data network
  • Speed and bandwidth advances in communications
  • Expansion of the distributed computing and thin client architecture model
  • Continued growth of IT outsourcing
  • Advances in medical technology that reduce costs and improve the quality of life
  • Globalization

Origin seeks to be the lead or co-lead investor in the majority of its investments. Origin prefers to syndicate deals early in the process with experienced venture capital and strategic corporate investors.

Although the size of Origin's initial round investments may be on the order of $2 million or less, it is Origin's objective to invest between $3 to $5 million in a given company over time and to participate in all financing rounds prior to liquidity.