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While there are many elements of risk during the life of any given investment, an obvious but fundamental element of risk present at the outset is selecting sound and sizable business opportunities. Origin is particularly focused on investing in unique, differentiated opportunities with the potential to become major businesses. Some of the key criteria that Origin considers in its disciplined approach to investing are:

    Attractive Market
    Sizable, accessible, defensible.
    Concept Sustainability
    Business model based on long term fundamentals.
    Potential for Market Leadership
    Opportunity to create a new market standard or model, near term revenue potential and available distribution channels with limited competition.
    Management Potential
    Ability and commitment to recruit proven senior managers with specific relevant market experience.
    Compelling Technology
    Breadth and depth, standardization potential, protectable, low production costs.
    Proven Technology Feasibility
    Ready for commercialization.
    Multiple Potential Liquidity Paths
    Platform that attracts multiple partners and multiple avenues for liquidity in a three- to five-year time frame.